Welcome to Health 11!!
This course provides information in health areas related to the needs of young adults. Emphasis in this class is placed upon wellness and prevention. Major areas of study include: Environmental health, unintentional injury prevention, violence and suicide prevention, human growth, body systems, STI’s and HIV/AIDS, and infectious and non-infectious diseases.
Class Syllabus

Here is a rough outline of our semester
1. Environmental Health December 2nd- December 11th
2. Unintentional Injury Prevention December 12th- December 19th
3. Violence and Suicide Prevention January 5th- January 9
4. Review and Assessment Week January 12th- January 16th
5. Disease Prevention January 20th- January 30th
6. Human Growth/STIs and HIV/AIDS February 2nd- February 13th
7. Review and Assessment Week February 17th- February 23rd
8. Life Project February 24th- March 12th

** Life Project will be due on the last day of the trimester

Week of January 5th, 2015
Welcome back everyone
Monday, Jan. 5th
Today, we have a very important Guest Speaker: DeAnna Pearl, with here QPR suicide prevention training
Tuesday, Jan 6th
We will begin our Safety/First Aid Unit Project
Also, I'll be sending a letter home for our Safe Dates curriculum that is brought to us by SAFE of Columbia County. They will have an individual coming to class tomorrow for their first of 5 lessons around healthy, safe relationships. Attached is information on what will be presented.

Wednesday, Jan 7th
Safe Dates Lesson
Thursday, Jan 8th
Current Event
Continue work on Safety/First Aid Unit Project
Friday, Jan 9th
Finish Project. Answer questions on sheet related to First Aid/Safety Project

Next week is Review Week!!
We will be assessing on our first standards next Friday, January 16th

Below is our upcoming Human Growth and STI/AIDs curriculum