Welcome to Health 10
This course provides information in health areas related to the needs of young adults. Major areas of study include mental health, nutrition, fitness, stress management, drug and alcohol/use prevention.

Here is the syllabus

Week of April 7th
We began our Drug and Alcohol unit this week

Week of April 14th
This week in class, we are covering Addiction, Alcohol and Tobacco use, and intervening for a friend in need. Below are the assignments/note taking guides that have been handed out during the week. Be sure the print them off and complete them on your own time if needed.

Here is the assignment associated with the video we watched Tuesday, April 15th

Internet assignment on Aspirin, Wednesday, April 16th

We did the following in Class on Thursday, April 17th

We did the following in class on Friday, April 18th

TEST WEEK- Week of April 21st
Monday, April 21st
We continued our discussion of alcohol
The following is a link to a quick clip we watched: http://www.youtube.com/user/OLCC2008#p/u/0/bbT8oAAG-b4
After watching this short clip, we used Journal #8 to write our reflection of the video for class discussion
Tuesday, April 22nd
Tobacco notes and discussion

Wednesday, April 23rd
Finished our discussion on Tobacco
We watched the following clip : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtofIJ6V-ZA
After watching the clip, please write in Journal #9 your reaction and 2 discussion questions
Then, we began our review for the upcoming test (Monday, April 28th)
Here is the review

Thursday, April 24th
Continue working on Review
Friday, April 25th
Complete the review. REMINDER- you must get your completed AND signed before doing the test
Jeopardy review game